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Business Cards

Business cards have been a consistent marketing method for decades and are unlikely to meet retirement anytime soon. Not only can they help to drive sales, but they are also convenient and give credibility to professionals. Business card printing services can provide professionally designed cards that are unique without compromising on professional appeal, or you can print them at home to save some money.

Design your own business cards

Before choosing a design it is necessary to decide whether the budget includes paid or free business cards. Though there are a number of providers that offer free business cards, keep in mind that those often come with a pre-designed logo advertising the business card printing service that issued them. On the other hand, seeking out cheap business cards online is an easy way to get hundreds of cards, often for less than $10.

Business card sizes

The standard business card size is 3.5 x 2 inches, but it is not unheard of for a business to choose more unique, custom business cards that represent the objectives of the company. For example, a company that focuses on organic products may prefer cards in the shape of a leaf, or a dating service may use cards shaped like a pair of lips. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Custom fonts, logos, drawings and business card templates are just a few of the ways to leave behind a unique impression with clients.

What to put on a business card

While it is certainly a lot of fun to design business cards, it is just as important to ensure any relevant or important information about the company is expressed on the card. Be sure to include the company name, a logo if it has one and any necessary contact information. A key consideration is to be sure that the font looks professional and is easy to read. Keep in mind that although the potential client may not use it right away, he or she will likely place it in their wallet or purse - making it readily available in the event that your product or services are needed.

Business card paper

Once the design and information have been chosen, the next step is to determine what type of paper is needed for printing the business cards. Ivory paper is a common choice because it is long-lasting and does not require any additional coating. Companies seeking a more unique appeal tend to favor custom designed handmade or art paper. There are so many varying textures, styles and thicknesses to choose from that it can almost seem overwhelming. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the paper should compliment the design and information on the card without overwhelming it.

The future of business cards?

Although more advanced methods of marketing are taking over, such as social media and digital advertising, business cards are likely to stick around for many more years to come. As they have been for previous decades, business cards are a positive company investment that can provide high returns and an increase in clients and sales.